Monday, December 7, 2009

New items

Just thought I would post some pics of the things I've been making lately. There is a price list in the previous blog, also. And, as always, more pictures can be found HERE. If there is anything you would like, please email. Most everything is custom made for you in whatever color/theme you would like, providing I can find the fabric. Now, onto some pics. :) If there is anything that you can not find a price for, please ask.
Thank you,
Heart shaped pot holders

Reusable sandwich wrap

Reusable sandwich bag

Reusable lunch set: sandwich wrap, cloth napkin, 2 sandwich bags, and 2 snack bags

Marker/crayon roll

Marker/crayon roll

Marker/crayon roll

Ispy quilt top

Fun in the Sun themed Ispy bag

Disney themed Ispy bag

Ribbon blanket

Nursing cover

Infant carseat cover

Infant carseat cover

Carseat strap covers (can also be made for regualr seatbelts)

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Shawn and Veronica said...

How much are you selling your ribbon blankets for? EVERYONE asks me about the ones you made for Evie! :)