Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coming soon!

Just wanted to share that we will have a store on within the next week or 2. So, keep your eyes on the lookout!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilts and blankets

We also have some wonderful handmade quilts and balnkets.

Prices range from $5-50.

Pictures to come soon!

What have we been up to?

This past weekend, we participated in our very first Craft Bazaar. It was an interesting experience and we learned a lot. However, it wasn't very advertised, so there weren't many customers. We have another Bazaar coming up, if you wish to attend.

Here is the info for it:

First annual Holiday Bazaar in Wilsonville!Food, Fun, and great Christmas shopping with out the traffic of the mall.
Celebration Church is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.
Celebration Church, The Conference Center at Stafford Woods
25030 SW Parkway Ave., Suite 105
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Sunday, November, 23, 2008 1pm-6pm

Hope to see you there!

Wrap Bag: Part 2

Here it is- our new style!

Prices are as follows:
Small- $35
Medium- $55
Large- $70

Note: This medium one is sold.

Half Aprons

Get ready for Christmas baking with a pretty new apron! Our Christmas Half Aprons have 2 large pockets and a long strap to tie around your waist. Pick either red with snowmen or burgundy with gingerbread men.

We have 2 in each patern.

Half apron: $15

Lil' Leggies: Part 2

Finally, pictures of our Lil' Leggies!

Here are the sizes:

Black with dots-Small
Black/pink/red/white argyle-Small
Brown/pink/purple/gray with ruffles-Large
All others are Regular.

Note: Both Large pairs are sold. As are the black/dark blue Regular ones.

Prices are as follows:
Small- $4
Regular- $6
Large- $8

Crayon rolls: part 2

Here are the options available right now. All rolls come with 15 crayons. And the pockets are actually large enough to hold 2 crayons.

Note: Only the solid blue and solid purple are left. The inside pockets are made with the coordinating dot fabric.

Buy one today.
16count: $10
8count (regular or chunky crayons): $6

Have your coffee, be stylish, and save the enviroment!

Go Green with our Coffe Cozies! They're a great way to show your style and be eco-friendly.

More options coming soon!

Buy your's today for only $2!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wrap bags

These bags are great for diaperbags and for while wearing your baby. They can be tied anyway you want or can think of. (I'll get some pictures on the different ways later.)

There are 3 sizes, the smallest works great for just your things or for quick trips. The Large is great for day trips or for leaving in the car. It has 2 large pockets for you things and a third on the back of the bag (great for carrying your cloth shopping bags or papers you need quickly). The Medium is the same as the Large, just smaller. All have magnetic closures. And could be made to match a Mie Tie, wrap, or sling. If you want specific colors, just let me know what they are.

(Note: The picture above is of my bags and are not for sale.)

Prices and more pictures to come soon!

Lil' Leggies

These are baby/infant/child legwarmers. They're great for keeping little legs warm and also protected for the crawlers. We're currently potty training, so they're great for keeping Lilith's legs warm, but also keep going to the potty and changing "accidents" easy. Since we use cloth training pants, we're not going thru several pairs of pants every day. They could also be worn on the arms.

These are just a few that I have made for Lilith. As I make more, I will post the pictures along with prices.

For now, here are a few pices!
Small (good for newborns and smaller infants): $4
Regular (good for infants, toddlers, and small children) : $6
Large (good for children and older): $8

Crayon rolls

I made this one for my daughter, Lilith. It hold her triangular crayons just perfectly and all in one place. Most of the time, it's in the diaper bag so she always has something to keep her entertained wherever we are.

The ones that will be sold will be made to hold 16 regular crayons. I could also make them to hold colored pencils or markers. Also, if you have a specific color combo you would like, just let me know. It is also possible to make it so that there is a flap that covers the tops of the crayons so that they do not fall out. (Note: I have not had that problem, yet, even with the pockets slightly big.)

Prices to come soon!